Oh, thank you so deeply, for stepping into your vision, for helping us to make this work accessible, and to be able to support several smaller orphanages in Nepal. Most of their children have been living outside since the earthquakes, and we are looking to build new living spaces, kitchens, & educational structures.



A Note on the Audios

Please know that some of the audios, though chatty, are full trainings, 45 minutes-or-so, to create the context that this work is done inside of. Others are 3-10 minutes. Much of the language & many of the maps will likely seem confusing or strange, because they are born out of circles and collaborations from diverse communities living with different cultural agreements, expectations & even habitats than you may be used to. I've looked to harvest & harness my understanding of effective, profitable right livelihood from many sacred lineages, and I have to say - there's so, so many distinctions packed into these calls. These are my best new questions, there are no definitive answers here, so follow with an open heart, open mind, & open eyes. It will be hard to capture much of it in a linear way, like a map or a story can't begin to create a full-on landscape. That will happen as you create it.

Our commitment is to generate existence to your initiatives, not just give you more information or another shiny object, so we will roll out more recordings over time. I'm also very protective against overwhelm. I invite you to take a retreat, and really give yourself a chance to integrate & implement.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with the contextual practices in The Compass: Deep Reception, Passage Meditation, walking with both the Pause & the Edge, being a complex, fluid Gesture, with a 100 Year Vision, living an Awake Dream, mapping the Lunar & Lotus Cycles, with a few new tools for purification, & consciously creating stories in the sphere of Collective Alchemy. Then, when you begin crafting your Solar Projections & Lunar Intentions, they will be solid, pristinely your own, and designed for velocity, results, impact & profit.

All of the recordings are also encoded energetically, to clear much of the resistance, desire to control, & static energy that surfaces with each process & conversation. Save for pauses, & a drop in my tone, this isn't something that you can hear, though likely you might feel it. Listen for resonance, not to agree or disagree. What resonates is for you, what doesn't, is for another sister in our larger circle. My suggestion is to let it all just flow over you, and to keep *GIVEN* & your notebook close. What you need will fall into place, & it won't be right away. Let it all emerge as you engage with the pieces over the next 26 Moons. I promise you will have so, so much to show for it. 

xx, Maya

PS - As a mama, my heart breaks over natural disasters that leave our children as risk, and without the families that were there, oh, just moments ago. Our family has invested over $100k of our own resources into this fundraiser. If you feel called to share, & invite others into this kind of work, please grab {drag & drop} the badges on the Proceeds & Sharingpage.

+thank you+