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How can I work with you?

Thank you for asking. :) I'm excited to share our little publishing & gathering space with you!

Here, on Empress Tides. 

-You can sign up on the email list for Weekly Tokens & Auguries, below, notes from my daily medicine walk & monthly New Moon notes.

-My legacy architecture curriculum is in *GIVEN* A 2 Year | 26 Moon Lunar Atlas. This came out of FlowerEvolution {Earth}.

100% of the net profits go to child earthquake survivors in Nepal.

-I'll spend a year with 200 women in MoonRise | 13.  We'll be sending out monthly planners packed with structures to elevate, uplift & expand your work. I would love to have you join us.

What did you say again about Fearlessness?

Ummm. Maybe On Fearlessness: With Commitment, timeframe is irrelevant. Commitment is an expression & a way of being. Fear continues, but seems less relevant as the problems become way more worthwhile. 

So plan from the idea that what ever you are wanting is going to happen inside of your commitment. Even though there is fear, the fact that you are committed, are willing to learn new things & know it's going to happen creates a different paradigm.


I would love it if you could share how unschooling or homeschooling fits into your life. What do your days look like? Do you follow a programme? How do you manage to focus on your work and projects and passions while having children at home who need help with their interests and projects?

Only one of my boys home schools at this point, he's 7, and home along with the baby, who's 19 months. The other two are in 3rd & 7th grades at the local Waldorf school. So the lunch making, drop-offs & pickups are a big rhythm we need to align with. We are an unschooling Waldorfish family - we are mostly media-free, and have a garden & animals to care for - goats, chickens, turkeys. So we focus on food, because there is so much eating to do! There is also little animal projects, right now - a few butterfly cocoons & many tadpoles in process. We study natural science, & the boys are big sports fans, so basketball, football & baseball handle the math, along with grocery shopping, measuring food, etc. They all skateboard & bike everywhere. And there is dancing, music playing & music making (guitars, ukuleles, violins, flutes, drums). We belong to a local charter school that pays for classes, projects & supplies. Really, I do almost nearly nothing. My measures in my parenting were 1.They know they are loved 2. Can they source their own learning. So I don't go out of my way to educate them, I look to make sure they have access to resources & feel confident they can get their needs met. Unschoolers have to really pay attention to their interests, because if they love only one thing, all the learning needs to come from that thing. Luckily he has many interests and many brothers. My favorite book here is "The Teenage Liberation Handbook." & I have tons of old Growing Without Schooling & Home Education Magazines. I also really love community-based education: this idea that the whole community is packed with resources & people. My favorite book on this is "And the Skylark Sings with Me." My current measures for them are 1. Reclaim Celebration. 2. Love Contribution. So we have some projects we need to do, we are exploring state tourism boards to celebrate our side of the country, we're dancing a lot & we'll be heading to some music festivals. My husband & I switch off with the kids. Honestly we both are crazy for our people & super crazy for our family time, so we just might put in over 80 hours a week each between the different areas. It's a family-style balance. I used to stay up at night, we both did. And we burnt out many times before we finally listened. Now we sleep a lot. And we eat a lot. And we rest a lot. And we get out to nature a couple times a month together.


Regarding Cancer & Illness.  Can you explain the HealingWay Circles again? And what you mean by poison?

A private FB group called a "Healingway," is a virtual ceremonial circle where your family, friends, and other community members can send you love, well wishes, prayers, and photos of altars. These altars are "5th dimension requests," prayers that are answered by sentient, unseen beings like angels, ancestors and other entities. Many studies have been done over the power of prayer & meditation to lower & even stop crime rates, & to cause spontaneous remissions. This also has a cell-level impact on the recipient.

The Institute for Noetic Sciences has a file of 10's of 1,000's of cases of spontaneous remissions: folks that were declared terminal, that suddenly were healed. 

By poison, I mean anything that we believe/know to be poison: it might be a procedure, community members, activities, or treatments. If we are sick, we might not have the energy to stand up for ourselves if we are receiving pressure to receive what we feel is poison. It's important that we have the ability to articulate this, paired with a partner or friends who can stand for us.


What are some examples of "Asking for what I want…for community or the Whole?" Is there anything wrong with wanting things for ourselves?


It's agree that it's important to know what we want for ourselves, & to give ourselves what we need. It's just as easy to live to create for others, & it creates exponential support for ourselves. The gift is exponential fulfillment, inspired engagement, & a life with more juice. So if you can't figure out what you want for yourself, it's just possible that getting what you want is not motivating or interesting enough to you. The answer is in engagement:

1- Go magazine shopping, & pull images that inspire you & light you up.  Or spend a bit of time on Pinterest or Instagram & create a collection of images that move you. These are clues.

2- Notice if there are areas that you won't let yourself engage with, they seem "too good," "too out there," or "nice. For them." These are areas you might be locked out of, & you can pray or wish for the Flower Essences to unlock this area for you. It works!

3- Katie's Visualization on the Ideal Life is excellent.

4- Try out a little bit of both. Eliminating daily, unconscious consumption makes the truly desired purchases, treats, and experiences so much more valuable. In our family we have a 90-day list. When we want something, we place it on our list, and after 90 days, if we still want it, we can have it. And we really really want it.

When we withhold our need to consume constantly, what we really want for ourself becomes really clear. It comes up over & over & over again.


Can you define the Beacons? What's the difference between Beacons & core desired feelings?

The words are the same. How they are used, and how to fill up on them are different. So the difference is context, power, & impact.

Core Desired Feelings: Individual desired experiences. Identifying, declaring, & claiming these let's us align with this experience. Desire is used as a pointing tool to what we want to feel like, and then we commit to feeling that way.

Beacons: Innate qualities that are distinct to us. What we are known for. What we want for ourselves is the same thing we want for others, and what we want for others is what we want for ourselves. By identifying our 3-4 personal Beacons, which are ours for years and years, if not a lifetime, we are identifying the kind of quality we need to stay filled up on to make sure we are filled up. This allows us to give from a full & overflowing cup - Regardless of how we are feeling.

We do this by 1. Identifying our Beacons: What 4 qualities describe me, who I am for others, & what I want for those I love?
2. Create a list of free activities that fill our "Beacon Baskets." 3. Commit to staying filled up.

Example: Warmth

soup. tea. fires. hugs. quilts. sunbathing. time with friends. 

Result: Even when I'm an emotional wreck, I have more than enough warmth. I continue to build trust, and to build support from my friends & others. I can still extend myself to those in need. And I also know what will help me: soup. tea. fires. hugs. quilts. sunbathing. time with friends. 


Can you define Enough as An Inquiry? 

An inquiry means I am just playing with a definition, using it to understand more about a concept. So I define Enough as

Enough = All Resources, Plentiful & Precious. 

It's just a curious way of exploring the possibility of enough, and what's available from contentment, resource conservation, and cherishing what's available.


I'm Loving Earth Dreaming Thru Us. Yes. I Feel This is What's Been Happening. What are my next steps? 

So awesome. That's it right there. I believe she will tell you. And that you already know. I'd love to hear more.


Can you explain representational language, declarative language, & agreement?

Sure. These are incredibly powerful distinctions for making our love relationships, businesses, visions, projects, & initiatives real. Awareness & use of these dynamics bring a sea of fun, ease & play to the way we create partnerships and generate support. Check out this image:

Innate Knowing + Inner Alchemy: We know what we know internally. It contains our experience and also the knowing & experience we have inherited from our ancestors (cellular information, stored in our muscle tissue), as well as our societal culture. Energetically, we can also feel what's going on for others in our bodies, we just might misinterpret the information.

External Awareness + Interpersonal Display: This is our sense of what is happening in our relationships, in our world, & even what's up with the people around us. We are aware, but only thru our senses. It's all just a display.

Most people use "representational language," they talk about things, using language to describe, not to create. This generates "Agreement." "Agreement" is a temporary reality that seems true, because we all agree on it. It's as broad as,  agreement on boundaries, "The US ends here. Canada starts here," societal agreements, "You shouldn't steal," and social agreements, "Andrew is just like that. He's the kind of person who spits in public." 

Agreement is not true. It's just the Interpersonal Display. If we can pause here, we have a chance at using "declarative language" to create new realities and new agreements. Declarative language is about declaring what will happen, committing to making it happen, & then making it real. "We are going to create a new country with freedom of religion," "I have always been your beloved, I will love you for all the days of your life," "I am calm. I am at peace. I am free to step into the next piece." There is a profound relationship between "declarative language" & reality.

Collective Knowing consists of communal & societal agreements. Communal alchemy consists of the co-creative process, including both representational language & declarative language, or, those who are given by their stories + histories, & those who are given by their examined commitments. None of it is moral, better, right, or wrong. We all move thru the rings, & the languages.


Phlegmatic Temperament?

If you google "4 Temperaments," you'll find a wellspring of ancient information, based on personality, physical type & tendencies. Look for: choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, & melancholic. It's often associated with Rudolf Steiner, but the system is very old.


Gesture? Bio-Mimicry?

This is the way we move thru the world. I work with building gestures, but I learned by watching animals, studying bodies of water, touching soil/rock formations & observing plants. It's been the single most important source of information for me. I think it would be a disservice to try & explain it. I want to invite you to become a student gestures, and to start by comparing trees. You'll see that gestures are consistent thru out a form: a chicken moves fast, eats high-nutrion food, and releases it in a fast mess of compost gold. They create high-protein food, every single day and are themselves high-protein. Their gesture is fast-paced, frenetic, prolific, simple, valuable. We can "borrow" these gestures.


The Eternal?

God. Spirit. Earth. Nature. Yahweh.   Divine Feminine. Whatever you use.


Muscle Testing? Does this Spark Joy? Measures? I check for resonance like you. Someone else might check for Joy, or calm? Can these change?


Muscle Testing is an ancient way of testing for your truth via testing the strength of your fine muscles. Modern science calls is "Applied Kinesiology." (Google it) I was taught by my parents as a small child. Children just get it, and it's a powerful tool for them. You can change the measure by changing the question. Osteopaths use it to determine what organs are working. I use it to determine the best path when faced with a big decision.

When something isn't working, I'll often find that I am measuring the wrong thing. It's useful to just ask yourself a lot, "What am I measuring as important?" Sometimes we find ourselves stuck at a job or in a relationship because we are measuring something that ultimately we can do without.


What do you mean "My husband Cleared Me?"   How does he know it's 77 Generations deep? And stuck in the gallbladder? How do you clear ancestral patterns?


All of this is here. http://calibrationinstitute.com/compass-work/


Can you elaborate on Moon Cycles?

Oh, gosh. That's a whole body of work! It's in *GIVEN,* and let's work on it together over the year in MoonRise | 13. 



Love, love, love, 


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