Opens Summer Solstice, 2016, & Begins August 1, 2016.
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Oh, YES, I understand I am getting 13 intensive months of content, tracking + implementation training and LIFETIME ACCESS to the MOONRISE|13 Studio, packed with videos, audio, transcripts and more.


YES, I understand I am getting 13 months of comprehensive, Spirit-based business planning. This includes monthly digital copies of On Path, where I can track my lotus cycles, lunar cycles, spending, health & well-being, community-building, offerings, multiple income streams, collaborations, astrology, ritual & hiring.


YES, I understand that these maps come from the leadership of 63+ countries, & I will use maybe 20% this year. I am excited that the rest of the content will become relevant over the lifetime of my work. I will not waste a second feeling behind or concerned because I know that as Earth's daughter, following the tides, I am always on time.

YES, I understand I am getting 13 direct Q&A conversations with Maya Hackett & the Chrysalis Collective, during Virtual Office Hours calls with my sister visionaries and movement-builders. That’s 2-hours a call, every month for 13 moons. And, even if I can’t make it, I can still submit questions beforehand and listen to answers on the audio recordings or read the transcripts.

YES, I understand I am getting 5 direct Q&A calls with Vidda Chan to distinguish my 4 Survival Archetypes, as related to Body, Biology & Business. This includes downloadable journals, with the option to purchase print.

YES, I understand I am getting private access to *live* New Moon Temples with the Chrysalis Collective, my karmic community of generous, established, non-competitive, & sumptuous legacy builders, where I can ask for and share feedback, insights, ideas and support with my like-minded co-visionaries and movement-driven venture-builders. I understand that these events are co-created, potluck & locally hosted.

YES, I understand I am getting one ticket to the live Full Moon training in San Francisco July, 2016 (and that this ticket is not refundable, transferable or redeemable for cash or equivalent value and, of course, will only be available for those who remain active in the program for its full duration. Even if I can't make the live date, I will still get a VIP On-Demand Virtual Pass where I may watch video of the event, once it is edited and posted to the private attendee on-demand page. I understand that I will lose the opportunity to attend or gain access to the on-demand sessions, should I withdraw from the program and receive a tuition refund).

YES, I understand that I am entitled to a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee, if I participate fully in the program, complete all of the available homework and still feel I’m not getting what I needed, I can email a refund request to, turn in all of my completed homework within the first 30-days and get a full refund.

YES, I am ready for complete clarity, a vivid plan & purified container, to be supported by the elements, the universe, & my body. I'm ready to gather with my people, & to take action from a place of power, not force.



Here's What You'll Get: 


  • 13 months of in-depth training content and execution windows 


  • 16 hours of live Virtual Office Hours with Jonathan & His Team 


  • 1 ticket to the live event in NYC on May 14, 2016


  • 24-7 access to your Tribal Council (Facebook Group) 


  • 100% Money-back “Do the work” guarantee, you have no risk 


  • Lifetime Access to all training materials


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Now What?

We'll send you weekly provisions & New Moon {strategy} Planners each month, filled with good*ness from Maya's best friends & alumni.

Your training officially begins on August 1, 2016. Within 72-hours of your program start date, you will be emailed all of the details (login and call-in info, dates, times, everything you need to dive into all parts of the training). If you have any questions at any point along the way, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Your tuition will be processed when you register.


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