Yesterday, I sat on my dock and listened to our guests: science teachers & professors discussing "the edge of science," and a phenomena called "future-thinking."  You know, when we do crazy things, like musing over someone ahead of their call, and knowing what's going to happen next. Apparently this has been documented thru observation of the New York Stock Exchange. They spoke of how we generally access the past, and yet, we can "future-think" things. I stayed silent. Western Science has a funny way of being wowed at things it simply hadn't noticed. {and more because it's nearly impossible to hold a conversation with a toddler surrounded by water} I'm going to look it up, of course, as a #botaneconomist, {I made that up} and, living with empaths and intuitives, I am also wowed, all the time. 

While children, as part of our cultural medicine tradition, my brothers and I were encouraged to dream aware, to be active members of our sleep. When awake, we experienced the full-sensory flight of astral travel. It's in this way, as a child in San Francisco, that I first saw the popping cardinal, rust and lemon tree cover, lakes, and pointed rooftops here in my New Hampshire home.  In the "vision," which included a cold lift + wind in my hair, I glided over white clapboard and shingled homes I now know so, so well.  I've talked about this memory for years, but it's not until this moment that I'm bringing these things together. {wow}

This morning there were raindrops, mixed in with the waves outside my window, and I breathed them in, while collecting bits from my softly lucid sleep.  In moonrise, we are calibrating our reticular functions for bio-effective movement building :: setting up our neurology to capture magic, and nothing less. I wondered, as I lay, if we should start with oracle readings.

Of course I wake up to this gift, a circle reading from our prolific sisterkeeper + legacy alumni Galia Alena.  She was clearly doing a bit of astral travel herself, from Oz, and right on time. 

xx, Maya

“Not all who wander are lost.” JRR Tolkein

There are dreams so precious and delicate, so close to ones heart, that they need the still darkness and space to blossom into their budding potential. They can feel too delicate to name and certainly to fragile to share, sometimes even with yourself. Your relationship to them is at once tenuous and true; they are the seeds of potentiality that lie in the space that connects you with all. They are your gifts to the world and from the world.


What delicate dream are you nurturing and protecting, what wish is held safe and close to your heart?


This card, La Folle, invites you to think about your own path and wanderings. Are you willing to listen to the quiet space within that beacons you down roads of your own making? Do you give free space to wander through your own dreamscapes? Do you allow yourself to leave the path behind in order to find your way home to yourself? What do you need to take with you? Who are your faithful allies who will keep you company on your journey? What do you need to unpack to lighten your load and free yourself for the great adventure that is your own life? Drop into your body and check in with how you are feeling at the thought of new beginnings - is their excited anticipation, quiet mystery, edges wanting to be stretched or remembering of wisdom in your bones. Blessed sister, its your own personal guiding star that calls you to begin, begin with this moment, where you are, the present. The present is always a beginning, always a choice, always an invitation, begin begin begin.


“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.”  Dante

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