When you come to the end of yourself, let go. When you come up dry, focus on filling. When it’s a Super Full Moon in Pisces, you believe in breathing more deeply than you usually do. It’s either that or drown in an overwhelm. Whether it’s a reality check, the end of an era, or just the pure sensitivity of being human & star all at once…Full Moons are already indicative of endings, culminations, closures, and release. Being the end of the Zodiac, Pisces entertains similar themes in a more transcendent way.

Pisces is the ultimate acceptance of what is, has been, will be. This is a freedom activated by a knowledge that reality only exists on one level because there’s a whole other Universe built by belief. So what are yours? Do you believe you’re a victim of circumstance/choice/consequence? Do you believe you are inadequate? Or do you believe you are star stuff and magic and human all at once? Once you illuminate this, the rest falls into place. 


Ariana Felix

Ancient seafarers navigated the sea by the stars; I use them to access intuitive strategy for navigating in your sphere & anchoring in storms. 

How Deeply do You Crave to Reign? 

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