Moon 6 // New Moon in Capricorn


The symbol of the Medicine Wheel is a modern interpretation of historic stone structures found throughout North America. These structures are thought to have been constructed for ritual, healing and teaching purposes and contain stones oriented to the four directions - East, South, West and North. 

Symbolically, the Medicine Wheel can be used as a compass to mark the passage of time. Each direction is connected to a different energetic frequency and element. Within the Wheel you will find 4 different phases: building, expressing, deconstructing and resting. These phases are also connected to the elements. There is an implicit sacred rhythm that is present when consciously connecting with the energetics of the Wheel - walking the Medicine Wheel is a wisdom path of transformation.

The container created by the 4 directions surrounds a central space - the place where Creator as you understand it is present. When working with/in the Medicine Wheel, you are consciously creating a sacred container to invite a connection with Spirit.

I am sharing how I use the symbol of the Medicine Wheel in myown personal practice. It is important to note that this is only one way of working with the energetics of the Medicine Wheel.


Walking the Medicine Wheel of the Lunar Cycle

I “walk the wheel” each lunar cycle {lunar intentions}. I also consider the Wheel of the Year to be a Medicine Wheel {solar projections}. So in a sense, I am walking 2 Wheels at the same time, aligning with both the micro and the macro experience of my life & the passing of time.


I begin my Journey with the New Moon, entering the Wheel in the EAST. This direction is associated the element of air and the mental body. EAST is a fresh start. This is where the initial illumination of an idea appears, like a tender seed shoot pushing its way out of the soil. This is where I learn to trust; I don't know what will happen to the seeds/intention I plant, but I choose to water them anyway. 

Activity for the EAST: Craft an intention for the upcoming Lunar Cycle. Make this an active process - write it down, paint it,  speak it aloud, put it on your altar.


With the First Quarter Moon I turn clockwise to the SOUTH. This direction is associated with the element of fire and the spiritual body. The SOUTH is where the idea that was born in the EAST is being actively experienced in the material world. There is a lot of action and creative learning here. I will naturally course-correct as I respond the Universe’s replies to my intention as I move through the SOUTH. 

Activity for the SOUTH: Notice what circumstances are arising from your intention. Where do you need to modify your actions to help bring your intention into fuller expression? 


When the Moon is Full I turn clockwise to the WEST. This direction is associated with the element of water and the emotional body. Here is where I reflect on the lessons I learned in the South. Self-examination leads to the release of what no longer works. When I’m in the WEST there can be sorrow and grief, especially when I resist what I need to release. The easier I can let go, the smoother my time in the WEST.

Activity for the WEST: What isn’t working? What is breaking down? What can you release that will help bring you into alignment with the most beneficial aspects of your intention?


I turn clockwise once more with the Third Quarter Moon, finding myself in the NORTH. This direction is associated with the element of earth and the physical body. When I’m in the NORTH I’m in restoration mode, integrating my experience around the Wheel. This is the place to sit with my guides and ancestors, acknowledging the wisdom I learned from my journey.

Activity for the NORTH: What wisdom have you gained by claiming and living your intention this lunar cycle? How can you honor the growth you have experienced? This is the place to consider how your actions and experience contribute to the collective wisdom.


Walking the Medicine Wheel of the Year

This Wheel is aligned a bit differently as I start in the NORTH, around Winter Solstice or New Year. This is a time when many of us are setting our intentions for the next calendar year or choosing a word of the year as a traveling companion. These activities bring a strong energy of new beginnings and this is when I connect with my solar projections for the upcoming year. I’ll arrive in the EAST around Spring Equinox, the SOUTH around Summer Solstice and the WEST with Autumn Equinox. 

When I travel through each season, I use similar inquiries as the activities for each direction listed above. Instead of visiting a direction for only a week, I am in each direction for a full season - about 3 months. This gives me more time to interact with and experience the energetics of the direction I am working with. Each direction blends into the next, just like the seasons do. These “extra” directions signify the movement from one direction to the next. They are: NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, and NORTHWEST, roughly lining up with the cross-quarter days that mark the halfway points between Solstices & Equinoxes. 

Each time I walk around the Wheel I am traveling along the same path. However, because I am shaped by my previous experiences, with each new journey I am walking from a different angle/perspective. Personal growth coupled with the passing of time allows the circle to expand into 3 dimensions, creating a spiral. Walking the Medicine Wheel helps me to navigate the inevitable ups and downs of my life, the birth, growth, death and rebirth of my ideas, emotions and experiences. I am grateful to have found this simple and profound tool to chart my own path of growth and evolution. May it be of service to you as you walk your own Medicine Path through life.


Please see my last article for more info on the Wheel of the Year

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