by Alexandria Romero M.A., Transpersonal Psychology

release date: February 2016



Letters to my husband; a collection of writings from my journals that I wrote through my journey of grieving and healing through my husband's death. Writing born from my will to find the light, writing born from the desperate longing of my broken heart. My writing brought me back to life a little bit each day and gave my loved ones, through what I shared on my blog, a glimpse into my experience so that they would understand how to support me best. I was committed to honoring my process by writing through it. My writing helped me see my way through the storm, helped me make peace with losing the love of my life, and helped me make peace with death. A new sort of way to be in the world, one where through the pain of loss, I learned to love life so, so much. Letters to my husband, a journey of finding wholeness from the pieces of a broken heart.


Alexandria Romero earned her Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a Specialization in Spiritual Psychology in 2013 from Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. Her journey into her spiritual studies deepened in a very real way when in December of 2012, her husband and father of her daughter and unborn child suddenly and unexpectedly died. She spent the last two years processing her grief and facilitating her healing in Costa Rica where she home birthed their second daughter. Alexandria has undergone a deep process of awakening to her spirit, grieving from the loss of her husband's death and their shared dreams, envisioning a new life for her and her daughters, and aligning with the true meaning and purpose for her life. She currently resides in Southern California where she leads workshops and online courses, offers private transpersonal guidance and healing sessions, and is in process of writing and editing the story of her grieving and healing, and stories designed to help children through grieving and healing from the loss of a parent. Alexandria practices mindful parenting by day, and writes, creates, and guides by night.