coffee meditation by alisha summer, below

coffee meditation by alisha summer, below


YOU. Thank you for jumping in, playing, & contributing to our homegirl Jilly's great life. We are so excited to support you & learn from your way. Everything we do around here is in creative, non-competetive, collaborative community. We've done this two ways this season:

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1. A simple Q&A with Alisha Sommer, writer, creative collaborator, wife, mom of three, founder of Blackberry magazine & co-founder of Liberated Lines. {1 hr}

2. A full-out, fast-paced new moon jam session with pioneering UK yogi, & Code Red author Lisa Lister (Hay House), intuitive channel, healer & Liberated Lines co-founder Robin Sandomirsky, & creatrix of coveted amulets, luminary painter + metalsmith Kelly Clark / Umberdove. This one goes all over the map into each other's personal practices & building on the maps over years. 


Either way - we show up in our full femininity - expect our signature mugs, laughing & swearing. Children. Pajamas. All that. As Robin speaks to, we pretty much went pro by just doing our best. And we take great pride by staying in the easy spaces as much as possible. Life is chaotic enough!  This is how we realize our work & worlds. Welcome.

LUNAR STRATEGY 101 - Q&A with Alisha Sommer


LUNAR STRATEGY JAM SESSION - with Lisa Lister, Kelly Clark, & Robin Sandomirsky


If you have any questions, ask me, or the ladies, on Instagram & Twitter.

We use the hashtags #empresstides #lunarstrategy & #moonrise13...If you share your maps & insights on social media, please tag us, & we'll send you some secret goodness!

All the Love. Thank you for your vision!  Maya