Sweet Winged One,


We start where we are. And we soften into truth.

Let your stillness be a line in the sand.

Let us Offer Up your YES, as a gift to the whole of your vision.

We will send you everything so that it arrives where you are, at just the right time, in just the way you need to integrate it into your real life & work.


Let your answer be a mantram, as we begin to unpack the year. We are bringing what's yours in the Heavenly Realms, here.

SO WHAT CONVERSATION ARE YOU HAVING? When you name her, it's like desert's coming.

Please. Write her down. Take a photo of the feeling. 
{tag @empresstides #moonrise13 so we can hold it for you.}

And with it, a passage meditation for your days:

We start where we are. And we soften into truth.



*A copy of ON PATH will find it's way to your home, into your hands, each month. We've already worked many of your declared intentions into the paper planners.

*You’ll be invited to create ceremony, each month. Make the space of a day or three to retreat into the creation of your future roots: the gesture, the rituals, the business or movement of your heart's delight. You'll receive strategy maps, planners, a lunar weekly calendar & checklists so it all EXISTS, as designed.  

ON PATH will arrive in time for the  New Moon, for manifesting the following month: 

Ship Dates:   Your New Moon Retreat:  For Planning Month:

7.24          8.14                    September

8.24          9.13                    October

9.24          10.13                  November

10.24         11.11                    December

11.24         12.11                    January

12.24         1.10                    February

1.20          2.8                      March

2.20          3.9                     April

3.20          4.7                     May

4.20          5.6                     June

5.20          6.5                     July

6.20          7.4                     August

7.20          8.2                     September

*On July 24th, you'll have access to our online studio space, to house each of our pieces, like map directions, audios & bonus playsheets.

*Before each New Moon, I'll send you some short audio or video love,  to set up your month. It will be packed with distinctions from the circle.

*So. The Offering.

Monday mornings you'll get an email to Offer Up your practice to your vision. It includes a passage meditation + ritualized integration of the tools.

*Weekly, a Tokens + Auguries email will arrive. Once I've brought your questions to my daily medicine walk,  and the message appears.

*I will personally check-in with you, once each quarter. (Did you tell me how you'd like that to go?)

*You’ll do a Full Moon Check-In. -> This Is It <-

Existence happens here. This is an accountability audit that Chelan, Tamiko or I will read each month, to support you in co-creation. We'll bring your celebrations, questions & edge to our circle, offer up a collective clearing for flow, and bring answers,  resources + medicine in kind.

It's already begun. Thank you for sharing your edge. I'm living with your questions and they are rearranging my days!

It's an honor.

and. just love. Maya

ps - *We will post an online calendar of lunar phases + primary astrological aspects (look for an email when that goes up!)

pps - Share your images on Instagram @empresstides, or tag me, @urbanorganica with the hashtag #moonrise13