LUNAR SAMHAIN :: NEW MOON IN SCORPIO {digital copy of On Path inside}

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Tomorrow is Lunar Samhain, what many consider to be the Lunar New Year. In thanks for you being here, with me, & trusting this time we've waded in the mystery waters of legacy-building, charting the soul topography of what's mostly unseen, I want to give you a digital copy of On Path, New Moon in Scorpio. 

To be honest I'm all nervous about it. Of course the content here is worth waaaaay more than $100, but at the same time, I know that $100 is a hugely significant plunge for many of us, depending on where we've chosen to walk, what we've been safe enough to hear from within, & how we've danced with the creative impulse that moves thru us. The truth is, those of you most needing to keep that $100 this month are the Angels, my beloved Winged Ones, the brave souls who work with birth, art, community, social justice, children, healing, soil & food crafting. You are Earth's walking sentinels for the rest of us.

Okay. Now that I've said that, I feel so much better. It is my own fear, but my ancestors, those I look to honor at Samhain, the "real" dia de los muerte, nudged me to make sure I passed this month along. Can I just please ask that you use it for yourself, & not teach any of it without checking in with me? Thank you so much. I'm quite sure I'll say yes. This is a month of emotions, & a time to descend into our own underworlds, before the return of the light at Solstice. I know this isn't the landscape for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. But I've been told that there is still some resonance, yes?

In any case, I've invited deep quiet for your New Moon Temple because Scorpio is a water sign, & oh, so, so, emotional. All these feelings want to roar, sea-like, to be seen, supported, & heard. They are all pieces of  our gesture, how life has shaped us, & therefore, how we are shaped, the way that we move thru the world. Again, when a tree grows, so slowly, it's very easy to see it's gesture, whether it is reaching, or lonely, powerful, solid, or brittle. But we humans move so quickly. All kinds of shit happens when we move, & we aren't always able to control it, or catch what we did, or consented to, or got caught up in. It's in hindsight, & future-thinking, that we can grasp some sense. But there's also so much story in there. Longing. Regret. Urgency. Anticipation. The quiet for this moment is about being with & naming the feelings. 

If you can, separate out the feelings associated with a close ancestor. Feel into an inherited pattern that either lifts or drains you. Make an altar of fire, & either burn the pattern, or light the flame for your own use. Do this all with intention & heaps of thanks. Just write the feeling, the name on a slip of paper. Let the elements do the rest. Should you feel the need to water, either in tears or release, please do so.

I want to thank you again for your vision. It's my greatest gift to play a tiny piece in sharing maps to flesh out the pieces, & little inquiries into who you are being from moment-to-moment, in hopes that I can see what you've built & have it feed the Whole.

The new content this month is from our contributors, & needs no words from me, it's all in there. And so, so gorgeous. We are still grounding into realization thru goals, tracking our practices, creating a Blessed Village, fleshing out a sustainable profit plan with many levels of returns, & creating systems to support it all.

Really, all of that is a life's work, & I know I am in the thick of it. This week we opened a new LLC (limited liability corporation) for our medical matchmaking platform, we've begun the process of fundraising, & I'm drawing thumbnails for the website & app this week. My dream for this platform is one of accessible stories :: that when a sister says "I have diabetes," or "Parkinsons," or "My child has liver cancer," or "She is the love of my life & I can not go on without her," another sister, who may be a stranger, can say, "Here. Here is who I went to. These are my practitioners. This is what we did. This is what we ate. This is what we went thru, how it happened, & how we began anew. This is how illness became a source of healing all over my life." It's a giant game, so I think there's no emotions around it yet. I feel...cozy, still. All about fires & soups & blankets. Denial? Neutrality? I'm just excited & it's my favorite season. D & I are unusually on the same page at the same time. Tonight I will get quiet & see how I really feel. I've been doing this long enough to know that I have no control, there will be failures & mistakes, & many of them will have my name of them. I'm committed to feeling my feelings without projecting any fears or stories on others, the past, or the future. This is a good thing. All of our visions. Good, good things. So I'm staying filled up on my Beacons, literally eating tons of magic, flow, warmth & awe.

And that's who you each are to me. Magic, flow, warmth, & awe. 

I love you. Maya