September 27


Sometimes it’s only after our life changes, whether by choice or not (solar eclipse aftermath, anyone?), that we realize what emotional residue we carry- from the past, from transition, or just what comes up in the process of practicing new methods of manifesting. It’s just like how traveling to new places breaks open your perspective. Lunar eclipses illuminate break open beliefs & feelings that are inhibiting emotional freedom. Aries (baby of the zodiac yet ruled by Mars, god of war) is concerned with the freedom of existential awareness. Being human, being fire, being raw. 

What we’re really facing is an opportunity to allow ourselves to exist fully, powerfully, unapologetically. This is necessary ground to cover, a necessary war to win, if we really are to become & create everything we have realized we have the potential for. Don’t shy away from your warrior call or your cry of your inner baby. Brave= fearless=you. 



Do you find, as you are making more space for yourself, widening the stroke of your gesture, & then filling all the space you make for yourself, that there is some mourning that's coming thru? I feel like that. I am calling for more of me in the lives of my beloveds, often in the form of them, making space for me, even when I am off, with others, & there is some mourning. There are times that I require more of our team, when I need them to figure things out that just haven't been done before, & I mourn that need to press. Standing for myself, & standing for ideas & standing for others is tiring, & often I don't want to & often I just don't.  There's always a hint of mourning, too, when it's about art, or social justice, or the environment. I invite you to include any of these feelings in the expansion. 

I was walking a pile of decaying black walnut today, which I prize for it's black ink for lettering & also dyeing fibers, & also for the sharp hearts that sit in the middle of the halved shells. I couldn't find any hearts, only crushed, black detritus, the remains of earlier work & love. And then, this. Our local cottonwood, which is all kinds of useful + healing. She's tinder & firewood, balm & tincture. She heals aches, & pains. So this is the picture we've been given for the eclipse. The old love, the old work. Done. Whether or not we've felt done, or we've carried that baggage, it's finished. And with it, new love. New use. New healing.

Below is your Full Moon Check-In.

Please use it, it's me, checking in with you. I will read it, snuggled in bed with my many suns.  I will take it into my dreams & sit with you on my heart-floor.  It will help you to understand & integrate the tools so far. It will help us all in our treasure-hunting. 

Oh, and there's a bit of cottonwood love on it's way to your door.  And some Harvest Moon music from our Moon Storm sister, Rachael Rice, here, too.  xxx, M


Name *
What are your top 1-3 committed goals (solar projections) for the year? What are the 1-3 month mini-goals (lunar commitments) that support them? What daily + weekly tasks will make those goals inevitable?
Have you been tracking? If so, what key Insights into your rhythms will make your work more sustainable? Have you found any untapped power, & places where you need more support?
Engaging with the Eternal provides for nearly every resource you need for your initiatives. What are most needing right now? Over the course of the year?
How's it going, creating space to create, & then to realize, the lunar month? Just switching the mind from linear, masculine modern time to cyclical, feminine lunar time is totally discombobulating for most of us! I've seen some exquisite New Moon Temple set ups, & some really simple, grounding spaces. What do you need to claim spaciousness to be cause in setting things up (a few hours - few days at the New Moon) + realizing them (daily or weekly space, support, workspace, ritual, community, etc.)
What's the key relationship(s) that move past stretching, into the panic zone? Is it you, or them? What happens? Where do you each go (fight? flight?). How can you either bring more capacity, expanding the stretch zone, or more gentleness? Is there something else needed? Maybe...what's your hopes & prayers for this relationship?
The lunacy phases tell us what's needed to move into the next level of our initiatives. What phase are you in (as it relates to your initiative/business/movement)? The first part is the "vibe," the second part is the area to master: consent | commitment. building | expansion. leadership | fulfillment. reflection | ownership. community | release. consideration | exploration. What will mastery look like in your phase?
Have you listed out your guides, collaborators, beloveds elders, vocation peers & constituents for this moment? They are different from the ones you have collected in the past, who have brought you this far along the path. These are new members of your karmic village. Thoughts?
What are your thoughts right now, as far as the roots of your impulse to build & create? Like is it Spirit, Community, Ancestors, Earth, a Soul Impulse? Is there a source of strength & a stream of support coming along with the impulse? How can you tap into it for an endless source of fresh insight & support?
Have you been working with your reticular function to find new resources, experiences & ideas? As you go warrior, to create & then realize a life that is truly, daily your heart's delight, what needs to go? What still sucks? What's been elusive?
What's been working for you? What's been coming thru? What's the edge of your self-worth & self-esteem? What are you about to be able to do, from a place of fierce power, & zero force? Who is showing up, & how? What's the bliss?