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Before we head into a season of monetizing your work, it's imperative that you really create a practice of gentle, loving-kindness with yourself.  I don't know why I want to share this, but it seems fitting ...

I once had business partners that were married with two children. They were from the Midwest, nice, ambitious, middle-class parents. They purchased our business, threw everything they had into expansion, & sold it. By the time they were done, in just a few years, they had added $60 million to their net worth, & there was no moral compass to speak of.  I remember knocking on the door & hearing a lot of scratching on the other side. After about 5 minutes, the door opened & the wife was naked, holding a whisk & her hands covered in slippery Tropicana sunscreen. She thought it was hysterical that she couldn't open the door, & there were a couple of other naked folks there, none of  whom I had ever seen before, all disoriented. Trust me, it wasn't a case of spiritual sexual expansion. They lost everything, & were looking for loans within the next few months.

That's not an uncommon story, believe it or not. Seems like it would be!  I mean, holy shit, we still shake our heads. But there was no real commitment at play outside of the usual success, survival, reputation, & "fuck you" money.   

A nice, simple vow would have offered a gyroscope to right the ship when things got shaky.


It's true for me: my vows keep me upright when my world turns upside down. They don't require, but very much inspire  rhythms & discipline, because they are connected to my truest, most authentic values.


To be honest, loving-kindness is not just about ethics or spirituality for me.  I actually have - until now - a secret vow to a personal experience of lasting brightness & the consistently fulfilling experience of accomplishment that can only honestly be described as badassery. 

I'm pretty sure that it's only because we are fully in the tides of Full Moon in Leo that I have nowhere to hide. I'm a Leo, & crazy bright badassery seems like a great way to walk thru life. Next week I may wish to take my secret back, but today it seems like a perfectly dignified admission. 


So here's what I know about gentle, loving-kindness in business:


-You are living out your own mythology. You are curious about your story line while being fueled by the possibilities.
-It means you don't have to keep starting over. You build for keeps. You understand - and are up for - the learning curve, integration & implementation. You are ready to turn your hard knocks into the wisdom of delayed initiations.
-It means your brilliance is seen & heard in used in a way that makes a difference. You ripple. You can measure the ripples in those around you. There is no comparison, because you aren't building acknowledgement, you're building what you build.  You are building epic moments for yourself. And you're building people.
-It means that you are cared for as a healer, creative, or keeper of medicine, wisdom, stories, culture or community.  You are comfortable speaking your experience as wisdom gleaned, & walking the walk. You choose the walk & own it fully. Others seek you as a re*source, & understand you as reflection of Source.
-It means that you have plenty to feed your eyes, ears, hands, heart & belly. You are fed on the level of many returns. You've planned for what you need, create what you need to generate it, & you work it with dignity.
-It means that you are fulfilling upon your innate promise to yourself, your beloveds, your community & Earth.  You recognize the value of your small piece & part of the big picture. You give yourself permission to swing out & make big mistakes.
-It means that you are free to move, sovereign, unbridled. You have left obligation, guilt, shame, & inherited boxes to their roles as feelings, brain patterns, & cliches. You've learned how to include them, but they don't run the show.
-It means strong boundaries. You give what you can. You keep what you need. You take up all the space that's fully yours, no more & no less.
-It means you are supported by others & not doing all the work. You live out your genius, & you be great(full). You reflect possibility to those around you, & so they want to play in your games. Others rise up in their own self-expressions, empowered by your clear vision of what's available for them.
Oh, yes, & it's a simple, earnest life's work. Not easy. Simple. 


The simplicity comes in the form of vows, so much more powerful than intentions.

Today is a big day in world of men. Four NFL, or National Football League teams competed to win a spot in the Super Bowl. We have Calibration Institute members amongst the playoff teams. How have they come so far? They calibrate themselves, at the cell-level, to a single, piercing, all-encompassing vow. From this vow, they build countless practices, shed countless traumas, & pounds & afflictions, & they practice, day in, & day out.


So I know us. You. Because we're the same, you & I. Like twinses. We have a resistance to vows. It makes us feel rebellious, & doubtful, & a bit afraid of feeling boxed in. We want the freedom to change. 


But here's my invitation.

Make a 90-day vow to building inside of loving-kindness. Give yourself a season.


If you do, I promise your results will up-level. You will embody your work, & as a result, your work will resonate with a higher frequency & an irresistible energy. You will be a much more attractive playmate/collaborator/founder/blogger/writer/wife/chef/photographer/mother. The quality of what you share will supersede your need to create content or problem-solve or control.

80% of women who make over $150k annually work less than 40 hours a week.

Why? Because we have worked out a few details around leverage, support, systems & boundaries. Because we have assigned ease to the top of our priority list & worked everything around that.  Give yourself enough quiet, & you will have the bandwidth to implement all you know there is to do. 


I have vows to celebrate life, to listen,  to elevate, uplift & expand the Great Fullness.

My vows don't box me in. They give me options.

I am unapologetically a badass about it. In my case it looks like a 100% chemical-free life. It looks like a mostly media-free life. It looks like insane amounts of chocolate. Dropping my work a million times a day for my children. Giving D deep-tissue massages & serving full meals.  Placing my bare feet on Earth, every single day for 15 years.

It also means I don't get Full Moon Check-Ins out before the Full Moon. I sometimes weigh 23 pounds more than my set weight because I have eaten bars upon bars of chocolate, & okay, (raw, organic) cheese. It means that I often get letters from the school because my children are late. They all four (2, 8, 10 & 14 years old) sleep in a bunch of mattresses in my bedroom instead of their own beds. Yup. A sleepover every night, much to the chagrin of experts everywhere. We don't have regular income or stability, we have large chunks of freedom that let us live on a working vacation. We give away more than most, & we live with less than most. We've found our kind of bliss & it has nothing to do with what society would lift up. It's my life, dude.  It adds up to an ease in our home that allows us the room to enjoy this life.


So...make a 90-day vow to build with loving-kindness. It might mean lying on the floor & dropping your sword before every focused 2-hour work session. It might mean you get really into fancy teas. It might mean walks with your sisterhood each week to dialogue & support each other. What does it mean? Try out the ones that feel bright. Bring in some crazy bits. Be a badass about it.


Full Moon Check-In + Mail Goodies!

:: Once you fill out the Full Moon Check-In below, I have some bundles to send your way :


I know it's hard to take the time to check-in & give space to sharing the layers of what you've been realizing, generating, & working with. There's so many stories, the miracles are becoming natural & normal again, & it's hard to know what to attribute them to, & which pieces to build upon.  So here's some encouragement!

-Cedar & Rosemary Bundles, from my urban*stead, for your herbal baths.
-Waxed Cottonwood Leaves, a balm for your altar, from our kitchen table. It took something to find these - the last batch didn't dry well, but I just knew they were out there for you. And so these appeared in response to  your prayers all around me.
-Pineapple, Kitchen & White Sage bundles for your offering pouch, to bless the spaces that bless you.
-An Empress Pod, the spirit seed that has guided me thru more than a couple of excruciating business initiations with a sense of fierce peace.  Her gesture holds so much medicine, with the masculinity of antlers, the spiked thorns, the gentle, crone dragon eyes, with her womb behind them, filled with black mystery seeds. She thinks with her womb! She's toothed & bearded, sleek, refined, ruthless & above-it-all, while still being a humble field weed. She finds me on my dark nights, swiftly righting my heartspace to Earthen warrioresss, & I've harvested each one for you. Every single day I hit the fields, & yet, in many years of gathering, I've never seen her "live." She is always the illusion of death, dried & often crushed, cast off by tractors. The illusion is one of meek purposeless. Of course her truth is the miracle of life, the gentle power of plant medicine, & for me, hope, clarity, & a lucid sense of fierce purpose. She calls out something ancient in me, & my hope is that she does the same for you. Each one holds an individual spirit, & looks completely distinct.


If you are in the Inner Circle, Katie Hess is giving us access to the exclusive Night Blooming Cereus elixir. This formula is only available to the Flowerevolution Community. The month I took this elixir, I got over a three-year broken business heart & forgave myself & stealing clients enough to start Empress Tides, write *GIVEN* & create M|13. We've raised a ton of money in this little project for the children of Nepal. This formula freed me up to put myself back out into the scary world of social media. When Katie created it, she went from trying out tons of soap & lotion formulas to woo a spa to closing a huge spa contract & having her formulas in the White House. It took her from small artisanal alchemist to renowned spa creatrix, with over 90 products! Night Blooming Cereus is a cactus that only blooms once a year, at night, so it brings latent, almost unknown soul qualities to the surface. She calls out fearlessness, right timing, & big leaps. What will it do for you?

If you are not in the Inner Circle, but wish to receive a bottle of this precious elixir, then we would *love* to send you some! Please share 10 snapshots of your M|13 work (can be examples of your planner pages, shots of your workspace, altars, or New Moon temples. Surprise us!) for us to share with our extended community. As always, they can be anonymous if you would prefer that. You can also post them on Instagram using #moonrise13.  Just let Chelan know or send her copies at

Ready? Okay.                                                                               >>>love, & deep thank yous! maya <<<


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