New Moon in Capricorn 

19 degrees 

January 10

1:30 UTC 


This New Moon is the birth of a reconstructive regeneration. The end of you being in your own way. Now is not the time to focus on how much farther you could already be by now. Now is not the time to translate learning processes as failures. Even if it seems as if your version of reality is unraveling, it’s space, darling, space. Everything you figured out last year is fuel for your Fierce. Don’t get heavy, get deep. Utilize revelations as energy, examine your motivations for stamina. 


love love love, 


For this New Moon, I was walking & hoping, HOPING that I'd get a clear augury to share. With all the New Year & Mercury Retrograde fear-based static, it was really too noisy for me to catch the subtleties. And the last thing I'd like to add is noise. So I've been pausing.

Most of the messages coming thru have been for my own completing with my dad's condition, not to project or share. And then I caught a loud crunching below me on my medicine walk today.  River Otter! In a fearless feast of catfish behind a large pineapple sage. I couldn't resist starting a conversation, expecting it to take off, but instead, it's friend began tossing a bunch of large smooth rocks around, just as loudly. It found it's own fish & they just munched away, in full light, until they began building a structure with the rocks. 

Okay. These guys were for you.

We sat together for a good hour. I mean. I felt like we were together, at least.

They were kinda huge. They used their voices to chatter. And they would take nice, leisurely breaks to circle each other in the creek.


They were kinda huge.

They used their voices.

And they would take nice, leisurely breaks.


They were building thru play.

They were nourishing themselves, full-tilt.

They were enjoying every bit of space they took up.


They did it in partnership + collaboration.


A simple message, yes?

Here's some exquisite, over-the-top New Moon goodness for you:

love, love, love.