So...the Offering: Follow the Joy


I could follow these two around all day long. And I do, from afar. 

Ani, older sister to a very serious 4 year-old brother Siddhi, she's just fun to draw with. And to wade thru weeds with. And to pull nets thru the river with. If she didn't live in St. Louis, Missouri, Ani would be my excuse to just play.

YaVette is my fashion idol (which says a lot). She has my shape, but stronger, & crazily sexy. So when she walks in, with beads in unexpected places, & clothes designed to move because, well, she's running a movement & she is a powerhouse, I am at full attention. Yes, I admire her work on barter & community with Cowry Village. But more than that, I am smitten by how her leadership - her charisma - works like a muse. She embodies her sense of purpose & joy at the cell level. She glows.

Ani makes me want to play. Yvette makes me want to adorn myself as myself. Both of them bring out the best in me.  But I don't see either of them, hardly ever.

This week I'm making a list of people I love to be around. People that light me up. People that bring me joy. People that magnify my Beacons. People that are nowhere near me & people that work at the local co-op.

I am pretty sure we are here to experience love & perpetuate love. 

So nevermind all those other returns for a minute. This is the motherload. Auto-correct wants me to say this is the motherland. Yes. Connection is the Motherland.

This is my new marketing & development chief executive: 

He happens to be a business development visionary, but obviously, this is about his way with milkweed. Please, click on it & watch the short video. Then you'll know everything about my business instincts. Maybe my investors should be afraid. This is going to be ridiculously fun.

You can build whatever kind of team lights you up & makes you laugh. You can shift your relationships right now to be lighter & sweeter & kinder.  You can create thriving ecosystems for your heartwork thru simple realization.

Make things real by paying attention to them. Realize them internally. Realize them externally.

I invite you to come home to your beloveds, if only in your own attention. Name them. Put their faces & their names up on your altar. Put them up on your walls & tell stories about them. Have them come alive for you again.