{video} The Prostitute Archetype


"What's your payoff?"

This question takes you right to your edge. Or more - it asks you to really look at your current path. You are given a certain starting point (your geography, resources & random cultural intersection) & a certain vehicle (your body) with certain features (your gesture). But you choose the nature of the path. What's happening where you walk? What is the nature of the weather, the markers, the obstacles? How about your companions On Path? Where are you even going, anyways? Is this a treasure hunt? Or something very different?

If you are struggling, it asks you, what's available, out of the struggle?

If you are elevating, it's a lens, to distinguish your current capacity for expansion.

Once we can see, then we have choice. We can close the payoff. We can choose the struggle or the limits or we can choose a new paradigm. We can see where we might be selling out on ourselves, our values, & our commitments, for another payoff.

Examples of payoffs might be: protection, safety, to stay hidden, to be seen, to not have to do something, to dominate, to avoid domination, to be right, to stay inside of what's comfortable/known, to prevent a disaster of some sort, to make someone wrong, to not be responsible, to win...

It's not funny, but we do have fun with it. Because our humanity is just such a rich learning classroom, don't you think? This particular conversation is enough of an edge that I needed to remove the video, on request from our live participants.  Here's a really incredible short video of Carolyn calling out the short route from sell-out to freedom:

She's aggressive, yes? I have found a few truly gifted teachers that have the most unbelievable bedside manner, because they aren't willing to play around with our lives. These are the ones who have a profound relationship to the impact of being asleep. It can mean dis-ease, & it can mean death, to our relationships, initiatives, communities, & bodies. 

Here is a packed & intense 30 minutes for those wanting to go deeper.

You can definitely join us live next week if you have any questions! Here's a few from me:


Where are you settling? Where are you hungry for growth?

Where are you shrinking? Where are you not bringing the fullness of your power? Where do you feel a sense of powerlessness?

Where are you waiting for things to change? 

What would it look like for you to call your power back?


xx, Maya

PS- this isn't about societal struggles, unless that is the work you are doing. Each society, family & business has it's own contracts, archetypes & struggles. For today's purposes, we are working with our own personal struggles, & how we approach them.