{video} Body, Biology & Belief: Child + Victim Archetypes

Okay, this is so fun, I love this so much!! We riffed on the larger dance of the archetypes how they work to mature the Child Archetype, & how the Victim comes into play as a notification system. How we can summon our response-ability, & the other archetypes to temper whichever ones might be in shadow. Of course Michael Jackson came into play. Maybe that's not an of course, but  I do like to mention him whenever there's a chance.

Thank you Angelique, for letting us zero in on your  Advocate, Liberator, Healer & Victim archetypes, especially as they relate to the houses of Spirituality, Highest Purpose, Relationship to the World & Other People's Resources. You model the journey!

Here's Angelique's chart, to follow:

Here is a blank Chart of Origin, & the questions & prompts Vidda is reading from: 

Foundation Archetypes of Personal Power.1

Foundation Archetypes of Personal Power.2


LOVE! To your Child. And your Victim. Well all of you. Maya