So what is your movement or business an expectation of? What systems & directions are needed?


Wild Prickly Pear is showing us how important it is to have very specific expectations in place, and then systems to direct what we are expecting.  This isn't about human expectations & attachment. This is about designing your business or movement as a living entity that works correctly. Like the spines work as a filter, just like you need to filter out those you don't serve. The flowers are an expectation of light & bees, the gnarly roots an expectation of rain. Figure out what you need, & design your systems to capture these things. For example:


Work: Online Wisdom School

Expectation: Sold-Out E-Course

Systems + Direction: Social media series, email offerings, webinars or valuable posts directly related to the course benefits, & designed to capture emails.  A series of emails that offer education, goodness, truth & beauty related to your course. Just a really high-quality taste of your course content, with clear invitations to sales page sprinkled in. An impeccable sticky sales page with why's, benefits, what's included, bonuses, & maybe a timer. Once they register, automated delivery systems.


Work: Film on Music Festival Culture

Expectation: Indie Film Festival Selection + Distribution

Systems + Direction: Impeccable website with trailers + pitch, optimized to share on social media. Maybe invitations to get involved or hold a screening. A clear, prepared pitch. A few well-know or highly regarded hubs involved. Press releases. Innovative viral marketing movement, like a Look Book, or series of trailers on eclectic festival personalities.


Work: Live Gatherings

Expectation: Ecstatic, Sold-Out Retreat Participants

Systems + Direction: Location & Dates secured. Impeccable website with photos that show the feel of the event, the facilitators & participants. Sticky sales page (not a lot of other links, preferably no other links) & a clear call to action, like Register Now. Leading up to the website, a series of communications to your list & targeted public directly related to the benefits of the event. Before, during & after treats to uplevel participant experiences.


Work: Digital App version of Wisdom School

Expectation: Funding

Systems + Direction: Business status filed (S-corp, B-corp, LLC, non-profit). Bank accounts opened. Impeccable pitch deck. Prepared presentation + elevator pitch. 1-sheets & percentages all broken down, paperwork complete.

Crowd-sourced funding = campaign set up thru a system like Indiegogo, kickstarter, or Kiva. Rewards set up & designed. Phone call scripts + email templates to invite family, friends & their family & friends to share + give at various points along.

Private funding = 1-sheet explaining the invitation to invest. Time to have the many phone calls. Maybe brokers or affiliates seeking funding for upfront cash or a backend percentage. 


So what are you expecting?

What systems & directions are needed?

If you get stuck, just keep asking, What happens before this? What happens after this? Then get in dialogue with someone who gets what you're doing, & someone supportive & wonderful who doesn't know what you are doing. They will tell you what else is needed! But don't do all of it.




Don't worry. We break this down for those of you doing online launches, in this copy of On Path.  I'll walk you thru it tomorrow.

xx, Maya