Cultivating Community + Collaboration


"For Empress Tides sistren, we have more options, because our community-economy is our platform, with cycles of  others doing the marketing, sharing, content creating & automating for us, when we aren't doing it for them. Most of you aren't using  community in this way, so I will explain how to do that next week."

In your replies to this bit, I saw that you all need individual guidance on how to use our community, because you are really working with complex pieces. Which I can't do unless we've really had some work exchanged, just because of my limited capacity.  So below are a few notes on movement collaboration, community-building & our online platforms...

In my experience, each community I reach out to changes me & my work before I reach out. It starts in the research phase, as I look to be a worthy collaborator. In all cases, please first research the platform: Who are they serving? What's the best stuff on there? How can you serve their people with your *very best* work right now, in the context of incite|insight? Remember that communities always have their own answers, & it's always good to come in to learn before coming in to "help" or "make a difference." 

It's not about me - it's always about the person, community, initiative, business or platform as a muse. Remember that they exist to make a difference, too.  So letting them do that binds the karmic ties. At that point, it's all just evolution... 

Sharing a meal is sweeter than a party. In person is better than calling. Video is better than calling. Calling is better than texting. Texting is better than email. Email is better than social media. Get as close as possible & be super-conscious of other people's capacity: they might love lots of reaching out, because they can't remember anything, & at the same time, it might overwhelm. Notice if they are introverts or extroverts, & how they seem to gather & collaborate. Honor their style while holding your own. 

I always start with a personal introduction from someone else, unless the collaborator has reached out to me.  That way there's an invested connection. But also now it's important to take note of the quality of their relationship, too. Every new element you bring in impacts the overall conduit/exchange of energy. The relationships you build are infinitely more valuable than any money returns.

Here's a few gateways, which lead to collaboration & resource-sharing:

-Create a concept for a blog post, article or series for Empress Tides, M|13 specifically, Saturn*s Sister, or Annapurna Living (no, we aren't partners, it's just a *great* place to share your gorgeous work with aligned community).  

It needs to be use-full, impeccable & based in your brightest impulse. 

-Pitch a 14 email course for the Saturn*s Sister School.

-Apply to join a YES! JAM. Endless community, support, partnership & collaborations live in that community. Currently I organize & co-facilitate the Evolving & Emerging Economies Jam, but work closely on many jams.

-Hire, join a circle or retreat with one of the alumni who've been linked here in M|13 or on the blog. If you are attracted to them, their program is likely full of your people, too. Let them know first that you are joining, so you can make connections together.

-Straight up ask me, Chelan or Tamiko who might be your people for your initiative, via email.

These are just beginnings. But this is where it starts.

xx, Maya