TOKENS - Mink. Consistent. Shine.


The minks that live under our docks glisten & glow. They are fast, & sleek, & terrifying to find swimming beside you, because they are fearless & vicious. Luckily we aren't prey & they could care less, so they just move quickly past, up & down our banks & run across the wee patch of sand. They are tiny, & very cute, like long kittens, & extremely protective (that's why they are running around, to check the edges of their turf). There must be some new minks close by, because for the first time we're finding scat on the docks, which means they are marking territory,  & glimmering, mysterious piles of giant sequin scales. They are grooming in broad daylight, with us watching.

When a mink preens, it throws open it's jaws every few minutes. I'm reminded of cobras, or big cats with sabers. There's something primal & vicious in it's confidence. The piles of sequins are scales from spiked freshwater bass, which look like mica in the sun. The scat are pure crawfish, including the calcium-packed shells, of course.

Mink shines, because mink is a consistent huntress of dense nutrients. 



Mink is asking you to seek only power proteins, & rich, clean fats for your platforms. While you can apply this to your food (I always do), I am actually talking about the influences, materials, classes, books, thought leaders & teachers you consume for your work. When you only consume the highest-caliber nutrition, even your by-products are beautiful :: fertilizer for a more vibrant landscape.

Likewise, Mink is asking YOU to be unapologetically fierce, & protective over your chosen (& given) cause. You cannot create the next level results you are looking to create without committing to impeccable shine. 

You, & everything you create becomes exquisite, plush, & precious.



Mink does not exercise caution or hesitation. It executes. I know this is extremely difficult for those of us who are creative-sensitives. There is worry about credibility, being too much, being attacked, being stolen from, doing it right, not wanting to look like you are trying, blah blah blah. Just include all of that. Your tenderness is magic. And instead be a conscious-creative. Remember the world is really, truly in too much peril to be given by any of those concerns. Society is ready for your fearlessness.

We can turn this all with your brightness.

We carry revolutions with our consistent, persistent shine. 


"The Wild Woman is the Soul of Creation. She guides all life. She is the divine and the feminine, come crashing to the ground through the one tree reaching—stretching itself— just a little higher than all the others. Her gifts will leave you smoking and singed, but the soul of the world will be in you, pulsing and surging, wildly.

A Wild Woman is not a girls-gone-wild-woman. She is a woman who is forged in fire, a woman who has weathered all storms. A Wildish Woman is not a survivor. She is an alchemical vessel. All that enters her, is transformed. She leaves many broken things in her wake, but what is true, survives.

“If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman, don't worry, there is still time.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

By the time you are ready to ask the hard questions, you may feel that your wildness has already been stolen, but the Wild Woman lives at the edges of every womb, in every woman, waiting. The world thought it could chase her out, but she is cunning, she is swift. She travels by moonlight. She listens to the wisdom of the owls. Wild dogs follow her, and while you are simmering, becoming ready, she is already whispering your name over the fire in the palms of her hands.

“Bone by bone, hair by hair, Wild Woman comes back. Through night dreams, through events half understood and half remembered...” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Wild Woman rises up from the deep beneath. She chooses the moment to reveal herself in women. Sometimes she is the only true ally, the only trustworthy stranger in a landscape overrun by hell conditions. Sometimes she comes gently, and quietly. Sometimes she comes crashing in as a tidal wave, to put out all your fires, and wash away a past that would strangle the life out of a future. Your future. A future you cannot yet imagine. A future in which the world is waiting for you.

It doesn’t matter what you think of yourself, when the Wildish Woman comes calling. Her authority trumps your ego-mess, and she is the totem that has come to shake you awake, to break the enchantments that distort your perception. The Wild Woman is on a rescue mission. She comes to restore your majesty.

A Wild Woman has the sway of dissent in her hips. In a time when all that is natural is outlawed, the Wild Woman becomes a fugitive. She has been driven out of her home town, for feeling too deeply, for naming names, for calling out the systems that break hearts, minds, families, lovers, and human spirits.

You know the Wild Woman is awaking in you when the news makes you quake, not with fear, but with rage. You’ll know she is returning when you hear news of a woman being whipped in a public square on the other side of the world, and you start a movement. You’ll feel her presence when your womb starts to glow with new life, but the baby inside is a plot to liberate humanity from dry dusty text books of false morality and judgment.

You will become so aware of your own suffering, that you will be unable to justify your cog-in-the-wheel office job, while children freeze in the streets of the richest cities in the world. You will find the One Love inside you and you will be compelled into action. You will sing from the choir of angels in your belly, uncovered by the labors of you and Wild Woman. You will fall out of time and out of space and you will see the truth of what is, and the miraculous what-is-possible.

“Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world at once, but of stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach.” ~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

You will know your calling and be compelled into the service that turns your heart into butterfly wings, flapping wildly in the sun. Your blazing sun-star spirit will turn all lies to ash. You will sing, and torches will ignite. You will cry and the earth will heal. The call in you will amplify the call in others, and the deaf will hear and the blind will see.

There is no other life, only dark dreams of fog and drizzle, hateful winds and violent seas. You have been there long enough. Come out of there. Come alive in the light of your own being. Let your wildness howl and sing. There is a world to save. And you, Wild One, are the Wildish Woman for the job." - Alison Nappi