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A Free Online Event With Calibration Institute Founder

Maya Hackett

Monday, July 6, 2015 - Sunday, July 12, 2015

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Apply ancient yogic principles and practices in your daily life to harmonize your relationship with the natural world, minimize the effects of stress, and cultivate more zest for life.

Have you been enjoying your yoga practice and savoring more peace and fulfillment on the mat, but still find that you are stressed, overwhelmed or fatigued in the rest of your life?

It’s time, then, for you to learn how to turn yoga from a practice that supports you a few hours a week into something that nourishes you 24/7.

The key is to use yogic principles to synchronize your body and mind with the natural rhythms of your breath, of the day, the week, and even the season.

An estimated 1400 physiological functions in our body are governed by the circadian rhythms of the sun and the moon. Modern life is driven by artificial time and the unnatural pace of digital technologies interrupts our natural cycles, causing sleep disorders, irritability and other forms of psychosomatic stress. We feel run down, uptight and “out of sync.”

Yoga, which literally means “union”, reconnects you with nature’s cycles, restoring ease and harmony in your body. Learning practices that attune you with the life-giving energy of the sun, you gain access to more dynamic energy for all of life. And as you attune to the natural cycles of rest, you reinvigorate our body


and mind for optimal performance elsewhere.

There is no one who is better able to guide you in these principles than Shiva Rea, one of the world’s most respected teachers of yoga. She combines expertise in dance, tantra, and movement into a dynamic, flowing practice and views yoga as an embodied philosophy of life. She will help you begin with the power of bringing your full conscious awareness to breath, and then synchronize your daily and weekly movements with the natural rhythms of sun and moon. This deepen still further as you learn to design your year’s schedule around the natural ebb and flow of seasonal cycles.

During this special online event, Shiva will share her foundational principles for Vinyasa to help you cultivate a more vibrant baseline of energy, by harmonizing your body with the natural world. Putting these principles into practice, you’ll discover hidden reserves of energy, savor satisfying periods of rest, and open to a real sense of oneness with the natural world.


Specifically, you will:

*Learn the 8 primary moon phases, the life-changing spiritual, emotional, energetic & hormonal impact of lunar alignment, how to seed concepts with the new moon, to create profound reality for your projects, & how to use full moon spring tides to work for you & your initiatives (instead of against!). Let the Universe work for you in a literal, dependable rhythm.

*Learn the needs & gesture of each phase of your lotus (menstrual) cycle, to magnify, catalyze & infuse your gesture with ease*full power. Develop boundaries, explore unfound energy wells, and a secret source of partnership hiding within your biology.  

*Map your own Lotus Cycles over 26 months. Discover the rhythm of your own divinity, and track how it lines up with the moon. Find the unique "exquisite self-care manual" hiding within your physical wheel, the nature of your current revolution, & name the solutions in ritual.

*Make Solar Projections with the 12 Houses, declaring committed intentions for each domain of your life for the solar year. Learn the primary power gesture of each house, it's ruling astrological sign, & name who you will to BE, what you DO, & what you HAVE over the next 13 moons. 

*Unpack 3 unhelpful, unhealthy, or degenerative patterns or behaviors that you're ready to shed (they can be behavioral, chemical, nutritional, emotional, energetic, and/or physical). Work with it's impact, it's gifts, and ultimately bless it along in a Sacred Contract with yourself and closest beloveds.

*Check-In & Track the precious moments of your life with an honest audit of your hours. See what you have to do to honor your highest commitments, what you actually do, and when you operate at your highest. Make space to refuel, fill up on community, get rest & get moving.


Receive a simple practice that you can use to connect with your breath in the car, on the job, or in moments between other activities.

Tend 7 different levels of “fire” in your system to maintain and build energy

Learn to align your life rhythms with natural rhythms


She’ll also share about the exciting launch of her new 7-week Living Vinyasa virtual program that will teach you how to tend your inner fire, embody flow and serve lifeforce.


 MAP: Circle of Stages

MAP: 12 Houses :: Solar Projections