In under two years the Moon Storm Community created over 200 new initiatives, documentaries, philanthropical partnerships, collectives, companies, courses, publications, retreats and gatherings.  In addition to 100% of Moon Storm Sessions proceeds, over $500,000 was raised by Moon Storm Alumni for environmental initiatives, cultural preservation, and social justice.  Inspired by an afternoon’s work with Tad Hargrave and Alex Baisley,  we offered architecture for conscious creative legacies thru the arts of non-competitive expansion, cross-pollination, unreasonable generosity and solidarity-based community building.  

The Moon Storm Sessions curriculum was based in the direct matrilineal teachings of my family *Babaylan, generations of clairvoyant, creative healing women holding Filipino ways to access the Eternal thru:

  • Goodness in Community Generosity  
  • Truth found in Daily Spiritual Practice, and
  • Beauty that comes thru Art and Nature/Scientific Exploration.  

Many of my personal elders, teachers and mentors came thru this work, and I’d like to share them below, as well.  The Moon Storm Sessions are now complete.  Here's a handful of resources for CI members to take into your Heart Work.  You are also invited to share your ways thru Amulet, the Field Guide for Living Wise.  Below you'll find a shower of Moon Storm Alumni Projects to inspire your Path and expand the circle of your family. Each of them holds a gleaming, distinct promise to Earth and community, and a school of wisdom from their own Blessed Village.  If you would like to work with me directly, we can do that here.  

In Love, Solidarity, and Gratitude for Your Purpose, 

Maya Hackett


My maternal grandmother, Estrella Echavez, healer, minister, multiple non-profit founder, activist & dramatic pianist.


My paternal grandmother, Aurora Lagasca Jundis, who read palms like movies, shared mystical stories of unseen realms, and healed with liquid brews.  Eternal wife.


My mother, Vidda Chan, spiritual seer to so many in our community, Sacred Archetypes guide, activist & unschooling pioneer.


Dr. Christine Cohn. Founder, Cohn Health Institute


Lillie Allen.  Founder, Be Present Inc. Creator of the Empowerment Model for Race, Class & Gender


My grandmother in-love, Sarah Ann Hackett.  Founder, Haiti Projects.  Isabel Allende Espiritu Awardee

Tracy Gary. Founder, Changemakers.  Author, Inspired Philanthropy



Joetta Marie Johnson, Priestess of Finance


Tangee Veloso-Pueblos. Founder, Family Love Village. Connection Parenting Advocate


Lynne Twist.  Founder, The Pachamama Alliance & Soul of Money Institute. Author, The Soul of Money.  


Shilpa Jain, Executive Director of YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity)


Terces Engelhart. Founder, Cafe Gratitude & Gracias Madre.  Author, Sacred Commerce & Abounding River Playbook

Helen Gilhooly. Exploring the Fulfilled Life & Conference for Global Transformation Leader

Kitty Aquino.  Fundraiser, Mama, Lifetime Playmate. CI Inner Circle Strategist



Ali Shanti. Creator, Money Map to Freedom


Luna Salaver.  Professional Dancer, Photographer, Writer, Activist & Public Relations Guru.  


Nicole Vee.  Soul-o performing Artist & Teacher.  Youth Advocate & Speaker. Creator, I Heart Lola.

Angela Amado. Partnership Explorations Course Leader


Alison Armstrong. Founder, PAX.  Author, Keys to the Kingdom

Joan Bardow, Wisdom Unlimited Course Leader, Transformational Parenting Advocate

Janice Cervantes Lopez, RN.  Photographer, Mama, Lifetime Playmate. CI Inner Circle Strategist


Bari Tessler, Conscious Bookkeeping & The Art of Money


Michele Robbins, President of YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity) .  Singer/Songwriter.  Mama to autistic twins, River and Bodhi. 


KC Baker. Founder, School for the Well Spoken Woman

Lynn Bell.  An astrologer's astrologer.  


Karen Kingston.  Author, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui & Clearing Clutter with Feng Shui.

*“Philippine indigenous communities recognize Babaylan as a woman who has the ability to mediate with the spirit world, has her own spirit guides, and is given gifts of healing, foretelling, and insight. She may also have knowledge of healing therapies such as hilot, arbularyo. She is a ritualist, a chanter, diviner. She has the gift of traveling to the spirit world or non-ordinary states of reality in order to mediate with the spirits. 

Babaylans carried out their work in the spirit of revolution against colonization, their belief in Sacred Wholeness, their love of mother country, the desire to serve their communities in achieving justice and peace.”

-Center for Babaylan Studies



Spirit Sessions with Thea Coughlin Photography

The Milky Way reveals the real power vested in women's bodies and how that affects their babies - even the tiniest of preemies.  Just funded!!  1,363 funders donated $122,407 on Chantal & Jenny's Kickstarter Campaign.  

Amulet: The Field Guide to Living Wise, Summer Issue

Alvin & Janice Lopez offer up photography at By the Bays.  100% REAL.

It's Time to Bloom: A quick reality check about the way we're medicating our culture, and how it's time to go back to nature.  NOTE :: Recent statistics now report 7 MILLION kids on ADHD medications. *Lotus Wei

Unfolding the Self: Placenta Alchemist Kristina Wingeier offers us Soul Sounsel Healing, Lunar Cycle Counsel, and Cycles of Transformation.

Angelique Arroyo breeds Passionate Wise Women.  She wants to know, "What is it costing you?" 

Connecting with YOUR Creative Methodology: An eCourse with TwistedWhimsyDesigns

Herbcamp at HerbMother

Claire Beaumont's Creative Maladjustment: 

Reframing our experience with madness as a potentially (but not necessarily) dangerous gift that our crazy world desperately needs. Conversation, support and understanding found here.

Indie Kindred.  A Film by Jen Lee.

Galia Alena's Prayer Bowls.  Mixed Media.  Art Journal eCourses.  Photography.  Swoon.  

Mingle & Somerset Life Magazines' Bohemian Beach Shoot features all Moon Storm Sisters.  by Vivienne McMaster, article by Madelyn Mulvaney, styled by Jennette Neilsen.

Publisher, writer, yogi, yurt mama Marybeth Bonfiglio offers up WORD ALCHEMY: let's get down with your stories.

Laura Emily is a prolific wunderkind of magical healing support.

Jennette Neilsen is our Accessories-As-Medicine-Woman.  Let us Make-To-Mend.

Wei of Chocolate: Organic, fair-trade dark chocolate enhanced with flower essences balances body & mind.

Dazzlingly creative Rachael Rice brings us Dream School, photography,  music, Cosmic American handcrafts & workshops.

EAKK!! EcoArt Kids Kollective, Playdates for a Cause & Monthly Connection Parenting Guest Workshop Series

{eye} wonder intuitive photography for everyday people

i am learning how to be a flower... the deeper meaning & vision behind Lotus Wei as portrayed in an original poem written & performed by Dominque Ashaheed :: poet, teacher, mama, international women's slam poetry champion 2012, national slam poetry champion 2012

Pixie Campbell's Mother of All Releasing Ceremony.  Featuring my family,  Tangee Veloso, Nicole Maxali, Vivi Veloso, Poppy Peach & Vatrena King, as well as Jessica Seaton, Stacey dela Rosa. Film by Anne Carmack.

Katie Kendrick with a few of her most beloveds.

Solveig Caroline helps the ambitious business leader who is feeling overwhelmed and isolated to reconnect to their inner power and capacity to heal so that they love who they are as much as they love what they do.

Madelyn Mulvaney.  I supply my heart.

Lisa Hoffman has been doing her work. It's a joy for us to share her Heartful Living (adventures in loving)

KiDo Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Tokyo

Jill Pettinger Clifton...Navigating Perimenopause: Laying the Foundation for Smooth Sailing

Folk Soul Wyld: Poetic Permaculture 

Brewing the Elixir of Magic, Beauty & Poetry in Permaculture Life Design

Marriage & Family Therapist Sherelle Salaver Johnson gets More Love for Us

Waldorfish :: Waldorf-Modern Resources from Waldorf Teachers & Waldorf Families