Profits from your copy of *GIVEN* are divided between Bharosa House, an orphanage in Kathmandu that suffered damage during the 2015 earthquake, & Next Generation Nepal, an organization that rescues trafficked children & reunites families.

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Next Generation Nepal supports education and livelihood in villages to boost the local economy. Some 85 per cent of the 16,000 Nepalese children living in registered children’s homes before the earthquake are not orphans, with at least one, if not two, living ­parents. Parents often paid large sums of money to have their children taken to "boarding schools," when in reality they live in deplorable conditions with no care for their health or hygiene. Currently these 17 children, just rescued, are beginning the healing & reuniting process.  Please feel free to donate, or share *GIVEN* below.

Here are some of the ways your purchase helps: $33 covers the monthly costs associated with searching for and reunifying a child. $64 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for a month. $396 covers the costs of searching for and reunifying a child for a year. $768 provides all of the post-rescue care for a child for an entire year. 

10/15 Update: Bharosa House, & their children, have secured this new, pink, three story building!



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Our heads are down, in deep gratitude.  Maya, & All the Ladies at Empress Tides