neighborly love



I still have the Martha Stewart article on Blue-Green Egg Shells.  I think it's 15 years old.  My new neighbors brought these over.  I had never actually seen them before.  Swoon.




They also brought over the Book of Mormom for Kids.  Don't laugh.  I asked for it.  The other day my kids were insinuating that we're "totally different," & that other families are "totally the same."  Ummm...kick back, boys.  Yes, we're distinct, no, we're not "special-er."  So we went through some points on our neighbors, how they're distinct.  They wanted to know what Mormons are.  I remember this book from my own childhood & a nice missionary couple named "The Christiansons," who brought this over with a jump rope.  I just asked the new neighbors & they were happy to loan it to me.  Because I am not in the position to say what Mormons are.  They suggested I read it 5 minutes a day.  Okay.  You can giggle now.  But I will.  (giggle + plus read it) Great family.




Other neighbors have been dropping off fresh cut & washed bags of lettuce & we had a paper bag bursting with Giant chard at our door this morning.  This is what I love.  You take care of the community, & the community takes care of you.




How do we take care of this community?  By offering up our living room & furniture for (VERY) entertaining multi-family shows.  It is a hoot.  You haven't lived until you've seen a 1 year old, 3, 7, 7, 8, 9, 10  & 11 year old doing the hand jive between couch dives & oddly placed modern-dance moments.  It's...amazing.