registering for happiness

What the heck does that mean?  Well, once Joetta, the Priestess of Finance, who was, for years our Conscious Bookkeeping coach, asked us, "How would you describe your financial selves as a body of water?" 

At the time I thought, "oh, I'm a little solitary bird fountain, with a little blue sky.  It's self-sustaining, tiny, with not much going out.  It just feeds itself, just so."  Then she asked, "What would you like to be?"  One of us said, "A good-sized lake, with more than enough, & a dam that allows me to contribute appropriate & healthy amounts."  He's someone who loves money & freedom.  A friend of mine said imagined a wake kayaker, who rides the powerful wave that comes out of a river as it hits the ocean.  There's a powerful flow below him & he uses just what he needs to stay aloft.  This particular friend is naturally environmentally & financially conservative while being a saavy business person.  I said, "I want to be the Delta: a richly diverse & thriving ecosystem.   I picture the water in a Delta going through very nearly every experience, & everything is in it's right rhythm, it's right time.  Everything gets what it needs.  I want that for my communities, that every one gets what they need at the right time, wherever they are."

But right now I want to be Squam Lake.  A place where beauty happens.  Art happens.  Community, lifelong friendships, discovery, play, awe.  It all happens right there.  We are courageous there, vulnerable, supported.  That's it. 

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